About Brooklyn Arts Fellowship LLC.

Photo by: Aaron Simms  Sculpture: Tanda Frances' Biggie. may2016 Design Noir curated by Dave Jones

Photo by: Aaron Simms

Sculpture: Tanda Frances' Biggie. may2016 Design Noir curated by Dave Jones

Brooklyn Arts Fellowship LLC. (BAF Gallery) is a for-profit art space established in 2016 with the goal of showcasing art of emerging and established artists. Located in the Greenwood section of Brooklyn, the gallery is devoted to various art forms, from painting, drawing, to sculpture, music, design, and video/audio elements.

The following is a list of artist, exhibitions and events from 2016 to present.

*Lamerol Gatewood (*The Energy Series,***BAF Group Volume II *Gregory Coates (*understated,***BAF Group Volume II, ***Max Rose for Congress Exhibit *Tanda Frances (*Vice Verse,***BAF Group Volume II, ***Max Rose for Congress Exhibit *Diego Anaya (*Cenizas + Origen,***BAF Group Volume II, ***Max Rose for Congress Exhibit *Christy Bomb! (*HeartBomb!, BK Habitat Group *Patrick Eugene (*Deconstruction,***BAF Group Volume II, ***Max Rose for Congress Exhibit *Francis Segismundo (*Mind’s Eye, ***Out of Order, BK Habitat Group Ex

Marcia Wilson (**She, ***BAF Group Volume II Kisha Johnson (**She, ***Max Rose for Congress Exhibit Ezra Cohen (***Out of Order Nelsena Burt Spano (***Out of Order, ***Max Rose for Congress Exhibit Troyan Tecau (***BAF Group Volume II, ***Max Rose for Congress Exhibit Joshua Peters (***BAF Group Volume II Vel LaForte (***BAF Group Volume II Ronnie Rob (***BAF Group Volume II

Estevan Garcia aka Stév Camo(***Youth Process Zachary Cavaluzzi (***Youth Process Justin Francesco (***Youth Process Sandrine time KT StLouis (***Youth Process Andre Batista (***Youth Process Jerrameel Walton (***Youth Process @typicalwil (***Youth Process @msaniikazi (***Youth Process @thenubianmuva (***Youth Process

Dave Jones (***Design Noir curator) Victoria Blain (***Design Noir) Cecile Fandi (***Design Noir) Dario Gimenez (***Design Noir) Michael Green (***Design Noir) Chris Han (***Design Noir) Lilly Burgos (***Design Noir)

Faith Chambers (artist/curator) Briiana Jones (***Desaturated) Toney Wilson (photographer) Yvena Despagne (artist/curator)

Max Rose for Congress Art Exhibit Congressman Max Rose, Murat Cem Mengüç, Barbara Perkins, Mauricio Trenard, Quentin Heath Willis, Mike Beitchan, John Avelluto, Audrey Anastasi, Joseph Anastasi, Brian Dettmer, Willie Mae Brown

BK Habitat Group Exhibition  Kumiko Uchida, Joe DeLeo, Lisa Narducci, Joanne Beaubrun, Nicole Smith, Bridget Villanueva, Michael Allen, Dana Gambale, Igor Kovtun, Geoffrey Nurse, Jason Andersen

Jacqueline Woodson (author Hector Rodriguez (author,illustrator  Talib Kweli (MC, activist Vixon John (Videographer MMNY the first 60 mins Hamilton Berry (Cellist: Speedbump  Niko Is (MC Nathan Schram (speed-bump Eric Allen (speed bump Aaron Warner (basement sounds Ian Wexulbaum (basement sounds Thunderous Caption (basement sounds  Azande “drumming” Cummings Brad Waldrond (poet Joel Francois (poet Brian Polite ( poet Keisha Gaye Anderson (poet  Roberto Carlos Garcia (poet Mercy Tullis-Bukahri (poet Elvis Alvie’s (poet Nysha Charline (yoga Melissa Diaz (artist Adam Strum (musician  Jeff Winter (musician  Christopher Kaufman (puppeteer  Robert Dick (flutist  Joanne (cakes  Tamara Stern (PTA PS 102 The Whiskey Lifestyle  Hagan Knauth (mood tattooed Bailey Hein (mood tattooed Steve Goodwin (mood tattooed  Amoti Nyabongo (bass guitar  Donna Dragotta (NKIRU Books Medgar Evers college PS 102 Nicole A Sharpe (author  Dr. Howard Grant Craig Barrett Esq. Dr. Bonnie Linden Eli Shelton Eldon Simms (percussionist. ESSENTIA Water Matt Barresh Lisa Hooper  Kirby (model Omar Aviles,     Daneshia Lynch drunkin shot pastry Anna Webber - tenor/flute/bass flute Yuma Uesaka - tenor/clarinet/bass clarinet Edward Gavitt - guitar Shawn Lovato - bass Colin Hinton - drums/percussion/compositions (face hugger

Thank You to everyone that has contributed to Brooklyn Arts Fellowship’s endeavor!  it has been a pleasure working with you all and we look forward to a future that we will continue to make brighter!

BAF Gallery is a five minute walk from Industry City, a hub of art, design and food. It's location also puts it within walking distance to the popular artist haven of Gowanus.

Hours are by appointment only unless otherwise noted. Please contact us to visit.