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Frances Segismundo: Mind’s Eye
to Jan 27

Frances Segismundo: Mind’s Eye

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Frances Segismundo (b. 1992) is a multi-disciplinary artist whose central focus concerns the relationship between the physical and philosophical body; primarily understanding the internal and external self. 

Segismundo’s work visualises her emotions and maps out an internal world, encompassing physical and psychological spaces through the process of painting. Beginning with the use of broad strokes and larger forms that then gradually builds layer by layer; considering the compositional balance between colour, textures and materials. Throughout each painting, Segismundo translates what occurs internally onto the physical space of the surface; mirroring her exact thought processes with every movement in the creation of the work.  

Granting a view into an unspoken life of the mind; highlighting the internal conversations and conflicts that transpires prior to any physical action or external behaviour caused thereafter. The physicality of painting allows Segismundo to acknowledge this self-processing of alternating between rational and irrational states of mind, and the ways in which each layer offers her to navigate through her overwhelming consciousness individually. Applying the complex layering of the body as a physical concept of how one processes and filters information, thoughts and emotions.  

Every stage of a painting focuses on the various thoughts and emotions that occur during the creation period; from larger, fundamental concerns, to minuscule, overthinking details. Using paper or canvas as an alternative for these thoughts to encompass a physical space, and be tangibly rearranged from a discombobulated to a more linear way of thinking. Employing a meditation practice to engage and connect the mind and the body to produce a true sense of self through the work.  

The collection of forms and textures are created using a wide range of materials that offers a sense of varying degrees of thought, emulating a stream of consciousness; anxieties, concerns, reasonings, speculations and contemplations. This practice of layering reflects upon how inner-thoughts get processed and filtered through the body. From within, it travels through the all its layers, filtering out the unnecessary before arriving at the surface of the body; the external self. Emulating the layering of emotions with the layering of the body; an introspection that embodies physical and psychological landscapes.


Frances Segismundo (b, 1992) is a multi-disciplinary artist and a graduate from Camberwell College of Art (2015). With a fine-art background, Segismundo also trained as a tattoo artist, which lead to her curiosity in the body and began studying all aspects of it. Exploring the emotional connection between the physical and philosophical body, using skin and the human form at the core of her concepts, materials and creation of her work. Segismundo has exhibited in New York, Hong Kong and London. Selected group shows include the BAF Gallery (2018), Site:Brooklyn (2018), Conception Art Show (2018) and Two Thirty-One Projects (2018). Segismundo currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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